These elegantly designed and durable woven bracelet is a must to add to your collection.

Will you support this vision from God and unite in making sure EVERY BELIEVER that you know owns at least one, two, or three of these bracelets?

May the Lord place it in your heart to not only order for yourself, but order now for:

  • your church
  • church departments
  • your school
  • classmates
  • sport teams
  • social groups
  • conferences
  • family reunions
  • co-workers
  • military personnels
  • veterans
  • relatives
  • siblings
  • spouse
  • children
  • friends
  • special occasions
  • and etc.

The LifewithGod247® bracelet is a vision from God that has been manifested in the natural and carefully orchestrated by strategic planning for its design. It is created to serve not only one denomination, but to bridge the gaps between denominational separations. The LifewithGod247® bracelet is for anyone that believes and serves the Almighty God whether you are Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Non-Denomination, Seven-Day Adventist or etc. We are all God’s children and He sees each and every one of us as His greatest creation, whether you acknowledge Him as being the head of your life or not. By wearing this bracelet, may it serve you as a reminder of your daily walk with Christ so that if you become tempted at any time, then you can look at your wrist and be mindful of your desiring a LifewithGod247. Will you join together in unity to make the heavens rejoice by purchasing this bracelet and wearing it with the strength, courageousness and boldness of setting yourself apart from this world? 

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In this era of breakthrough, many Christians do not put things into the correct perspective.


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